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Meet Maya

Maya Wiley is not your traditional candidate.

You may know her as a legal analyst on MSNBC, but she is also a lifelong activist who has the vision to help our city recover from COVID19, and who has the foresight to reimagine what New York City can be for working families. She has shown values that speak to her commitment to not only re-building our city but to enacting policies to combat structural racism and inequality at the same time.

She began her career as a civil rights attorney at the NAACP Legal Defense Fund where she advocated the rights of our communities. She then founded a racial justice organization, The Center for Social Inclusion. Like her parents before her, Maya has a lifelong professional commitment to the Civil Rights Movement.

In 2013, she became Counsel to Mayor Bill DeBlasio to champion women minority business access, civil and immigrant rights, and broadband access for every New Yorker. As chairwoman of the Civilian Complaint Review Board, Maya also ran the city’s police oversight board, during this period.

From hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics 1199ers have shown up to care for New Yorkers through this pandemic. We need a leader who will care for us.

Like 1199SEIU, Maya is committed to improving the lives of working people. For instance, Maya’s mother was cared for by a home care worker, which gives her an intimate understanding of the importance of community-based care. Her Universal Community Care plan will give homecare workers annual stipends, so they too can care for the families and thrive in their city.

Unlike other candidates, Maya is not a career politician with ambitions beyond re-building New York City.

Across the country, black women have shown up for us to vote in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and turn Congress blue. It is overdue we show up for them. When Black women run, we win.