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Maya Wiley, the People’s Choice

Maya Wiley is the person we can trust in city hall to fight for healthcare workers and our communities.

When we fight, we win! Even while battling the second wave of the pandemic in our workplaces, we turned out for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to make sure they crossed the finish line.

Now it’s time to do the same thing in New York City, where the work to rebuild our communities has only just begun.

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Maya Wiley’s New Deal platform contains a blueprint to:

  • Create good union jobs that will help our city recover
  • Expand affordable housing to ensure every New Yorker can have a safe home
  • Ensure that every student, no matter race, can have a quality public education

We asked you, 1199 members, what you want the next mayor of New York to fight for, and you told us!

Join the movement to make history with Maya for Mayor!